App Shine Marketing

Our team is made up of ten app marketing specialists, each focusing on their own expertise within the industry. Together we form a powerhouse with over fifty years of collective experience in app marketing, publishing and PR. We are able to provide our professional services at such low costs because we make sure to tailor each package to fit your app, requirements and goals - we don't waste time charging you for what you don't need. We only select apps to work with that we believe we can really help make successful so we can maximise the value we provide to our clients.

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Why we are your best choice

  • Affordable, customised packages
  • Specialists available for your specific requirements
  • Native english speakers
  • Proven track record
  • Providing a measurable return on your investment
  • Extensive PR and app media network
  • Professional and friendly service
  • 24/7, round the clock support
  • No hassle payments by milestones

Our Team



Founder and CEO - John is the passionate and enthusiastic leader for this team. He's been through the ropes, developing, publishing, marketing and selling apps. After seeing so many amazing apps not reaching their potential due to lack of fundamental marketing know-how John decided to form a world-class marketing agency that could help make these great apps successful in an efficient and effective way.


Sales Manager - You may have already met Caroline. She helps to connect us with app developers, owners and publishers who need our help. With a great deal of passion, creativity and communications skills she helps us to reach more and more people who will benefit from what we offer.


Animation and Promotional Video Producer - Jeanne, with her team of voice actors, writers and animators, has created over one thousand promotional videos for apps, websites, and businesses. She knows exactly what it takes to make a promotional video exciting, compelling and able to get people downloading your app.


Darpan is a web, graphics, designer who specializes in creating dynamic & beautiful landing pages for mobile applications. He in this field for nearly 3 years, and have been loving every minute of it. He is a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, developer & overall thinker.